Brochures & Pamphlets: Effective way to share information, market your business & generate leads 

A brochure or pamphlet carries a complete story about your company and what it can do. Even though it’s made from a single piece of paper, folder.  Brochure is one of the most flexible marketing tools for a small business.

What is a brochure?
A brochure is an information booklet with information, pictures and graph about a product or service You can choose the brochure single fold or two fold as per your design or matter

You wish to showcase a lot of information & detail in a brochure.

  • You want to show a series of steps & processes involved
    Go for a Bi-fold brochure when:
  • You are using large graphics & images to showcase your products & services
  • You want to the photography to have the spotlight in the brochure design
  • You want to provide product guides & comparisons
    How do you make a brochure?
    Each section of a brochure created by a fold is called a “panel”. A bi-fold brochure has four panels. Each panel is an opportunity to answer a question, explain a benefit or address a customer’s need and hence require a great deal of thought before designing. 
    Decide what information you are going to give. Brochure must have your Brand logo, contact nos. social information along with the product detail/service which you offer.

A few tips to keep in mind: 
Keep the language simple, easy to understand and to-the-point. Short & direct sentences go a long way in being understood.

You can upload your design or use from our wide range of professionally designed brochure templates .

You can figure out your businesses that might have common customers with you and try to place your brochures in their premises.

Take them to trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, meetings & conferences with you as they are the ultimate tool to give out maximum information in the small time & space.


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